At Nean's Florist, we have worked hard over the years to earn a reputation for quality, variety and creativity in all our flower designs. We carry a range of variety of flowers, which are chosen with care, with majority coming from local growers.

Box Arrangement

Basket Arrangement

Arrangments can also be made into various types of vases- these vases can be bought in store or in the case of a more personal gift the customer's vase can be used.

Valentines Day Ideas

Single Glass Rose

It's quite simple, though simple is sometimes the best and its sure to make your special someone feel loved

Romantic Native Bucket

If you're wanting to be a bit different or unusual to the normal taditions, a striking native bucket may be what you're looking for and is able to add a whole new element to any room.


All arrangements are able to include teddies, balloons or our favourite.. chocolate!

*Prices vary depending on product/s

Native Box Arrangment

Native flowers can come in varying shades and colours and therefore box arrangments can be made to suit most colour preferences and to any price range.

Mothers Day Ideas

Mother's Day arrangements are lovely, eye-catching gifts that can be made to your requirements and price range.

Wedding Flowers

Nean's Florist takes the upmost care in making a brides special day magical, wonderful, and unforgetable; as well as assisting in perfecting her dream wedding.

Wreaths, Sheafs and Casket Arrangements

Flowers are one of the best ways to comfort the grieving or to say goodbye to a loved one.

Country Tin Bucket

This is quite a different arrangment as it is based into a reasonably medium-large white tin bucket- the selection of flowers can also be varied to suit you requirements.

Singapore Orchard Ceramic Arrangement

The singapore orchards really shine in this arrangement, mothers' will definitely enjoy this arrangement as it also add a modern twist to your home.

We know that birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions can sneak up on you - but when they do, just give us a call or take advantage of our online ordering service!  No matter where you are, if you are looking for beautiful flower design in Mildura, we are only a click or phone call away.